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About David Andrews 

David Andrews, now from West Palm Beach, Florida, is a confirmed Chocoholic and ice cream
addict, and spends, as he says, way too much time on the computer, and not enough time fishing
or skin diving.  He fishes for Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout, and Spanish Mackerel in salt water and
Snakeheads in fresh water, from his little Lobo kayak and/or his Hobie Outback, snorkels for lobster, and hopes to again one day maybe play Underwater Hockey again. 

David lives alone in his home on Banana Road, in suburban West Palm Beach about 7 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  He is separated from, but is still friends with, his wife who lives in Greenacres, Florida, and goes kayak fishing  with his son Kent, who lives in the Miami area.

David Andrews owned Andrews Photography and is now a retired commercial photographer and
very easy to talk to, 'specially if it has to do with photography, or underwater hockey, or
kayak fishing, or politics. His freezer is full of frozen-in-ice Snook, Redfish, and Spanish
Mackerel. David has IM with video conferencing on Skype (photo01), so if you want to talk free over the Internet - Hey! The price is right.  Or just phone him at (561) 683-8933.

David comes from a very artistic family.  His mother studied art at the Louvre in Paris and was an internationally known artist (Van Andrews). His father (Kent Andrews) was a college professor and the head of the Speech Department at Grinnell College for many years and also started the summer stock theatre at Okoboji (Spirit Lake) in the Iowa Great Lakes Area and was also recognized as an artist.  David's brother, Todd Andrews, is an internationally known sculptor and created, among many other things, those big bronze Panthers for the Carolina Panthers stadium. 

David Andrews was born in Loma Linda, California, August 6, 1938. The family moved to Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, for a few years and then moved to Grinnell, Iowa, where David went to public school
(K thru 10th grade). He was a water rat even then. Drowning and being resuscitated by a lifeguard
gave him a great respect for the water but never changed his love for it.

He moved to California's Newport Beach and lived on the Balboa Peninsula for his last two years of High School at Newport Harbor Union High (where he lettered in springboard and 3 meter diving), and went on to Orange Coast College (where he played and lettered in Water Polo, swam Individual Medley for the Swim Team and worked the 3 meter board as a diver).  He was elected to the Student Council as a Representative-at-Large, and graduated in 1960 with an AA degree in
Electronics (number 2 in his class).

David was a beach lifeguard for the City of Newport Beach for six summers and also a Deputy Sheriff with the Harbor Patrol. During this time he was also a jet mechanic (still likes those F9F-6's) in the USMCR, VMF 241. Later he was a fire fighter in Santa Barbara. He worked in the electronics industry for Ford Aeronautics, Northrop, and then IBM in Santa Barbara and (also for IBM) worked at Vandenberg AFB. 

In 1967 David moved to Nassau in the Bahamas and became a scuba resort pro. He taught SCUBA diving to tourists in the hotels and took them out diving on the reefs. He then became certified as a NAUI (NAUI #1366) and PADI (PADI #2751) Instructor and also helped run a few NAUI SCUBA Instructor Courses (in Freeport and Puerto Rico). He taught underwater photography too.  Somewhere along the line, he fell in love with and married an Irish lass (Sylvia) and they produced a son (Kent).    

In England, while on a trip around Europe with his wife,  Sylvia (Look her up here ->  
http://www.jacketflap.com/persondetail.asp?person=149639 ), he was introduced to and played
Octopush (now called Underwater Hockey) in London with the British Sub Aqua Club.

Back in Nassau, David Andrews joined and became the president of the Bahamas Underwater Club. Along with teaching SCUBA, he spent a lot of time free diving to spear fish in waters 60 to 80 feet deep and sometimes over 100 feet .

David also organized and played water polo and trained the dolphins at the Britannia Beach Hotel
and Resort on Paradise Island.  Through the Bahamas Underwater Club, he started a very successful program teaching kids to swim and snorkel at local schools in and around Nassau.

After a few years training dolphins and running a dive operation in Nassau and Paradise Island, he, Sylvia, and Kent moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, in December, 1976, and bought the home on Banana Road.  David also established a commercial photography business, Andrews Photography.

At a local Palm Beach Fin Divers dive club meeting in 1977, because he had played Octopush, he was volunteered" to be the captain of a club underwater hockey team for a one-time challenge
competition in the Florida Keys. After that, people that played wanted to continue, so he helped
form the Palm Beach Underwater Hockey Club and was its president for a few years. 

Life had been good; beach lifeguard, fire fighter, scuba instructor, dolphin trainer, commercial
photographer, and then one day in 1990, he got badly burned in a gasoline explosion trying to help
some neighborhood kids. He says it was an interesting experience, not a good one, but very
interesting.  OK, second and third degree burns are not good. It took a few years recovering and he
still has some problems that he attributes mostly to all the medications doctors have prescribed.
Ask him about Cipro. He can give you information about its dark side that Bayer does not want you
to know. Or look here:   http://medicationsense.com/articles/2014/letter.php      or here:          http://www.facebook.com/FluoroquinoloneToxicity?v=info                

As a result of the trauma from the gasoline explosion, David has what his doctors call, memory holes, and some of his past has been lost to him.  If you remember him from school, please do contact him as that area is mostly gone from his memory.   His home phone number is 561 area code 683~8933.       

David did get back to playing underwater hockey a little bit, although he has not regained the strength to 'push' the fins he used to play with (and never will). That he kayaks and fishes at all is kind of remarkable. David Andrews is 76 years old this year (2014), is on his forth pacemaker, has had six eye operations, some breathing problems ( COPD - Atelectasis), and had more heart surgery May 12, 2009. You may never know any of that by looking at him though.  After surgery for a hernia in Oct. '07, he has not played UW hockey, but has been getting out on his kayaks almost weekly. Look over the photos here and check him out on the Kayak Fishing Club of the Palm Beaches      http://www.meetup.com/kayak-fishing-club   and the Freelance Digital Photographer of Palm Beach County    http://www.meetup.com/Freelance_Digital_Photographers/    David is the "Organizer" for both of those clubs. 

Ever been to MySpace? He has a page there too, but does not really go there much.      http://www.myspace.com/photo01 

He is also on Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/photo01

His main e-mail address is     photo01@bellsouth.net

Contact him and say, "Hi."



Once upon a time - in 1969 . . . . 

And now. . . . .   


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